Who the Heck are you anyway???

So, a few weeks into the new year I thought I’d better introduce myself! 

Hey! I’m Steph! or Stephanie if I’m in trouble (Or you’re my Mum) 😉 I’m a single mummy to an awesome 7 year old dude and for the last 5 years I – Like most single parents – have had to figure out how to make ends meet and live on a shoestring budget!

Now I’m not going to pretend I’ve done it all completely alone… I have had help from family and friends along the way, but that was really hard for me to accept. My first tip for living on a budget? 

Swallow your pride! Don’t be afraid to ask for help! It took me a very,  very  long time to pluck up the courage to admit that I acually did need help. I was so bloody determined to ‘make it on my own’  and be completely independant; You know, do the whole rags to riches thing and become this amazing person who could multitask like a boss and come out of single parenthood looking and feeling like wonderwoman! But here’s the thing… Even cinderella had a god-damn fairy godmother! 

Yes, I’ve gotten this far by tightening the purse strings, searching for discount codes for almost everything, scrimping and saving every penny I could get together – and often having to raid those savings for school trips, uniforms, and petrol for the car – but it is possible to make it through AND be ok with asking for help every now and again. 

So… Over the next few months (And maybe longer, if you can put up with me that long!) I’ll be using this blog to share with you some of the things that have helped me on my journey of slightly stubborn pride, and thrifty living 🙂 Some of the tips you may already know, but hopefully some of them will be little light bulb moments for you as they were for me!

Happy thrifting!



2017… A Resolution FREE Zone!

Yes… You heard me right… I’m NOT making any new year’s resolutions! 

To me, resolutions mean failure. 

“I’m going to lose weight ths year…” “I’m going to work my ass off and get that promotion…” “I’m going to eat healthily and exercise more…” “I’m going to drink 8 glasses ofwater every day” (Yeah right!) I have tried all of these and after a couple of weeks they’ve ALL gone swirling down the bog! Hands up if you’re with me! 🙋

So… This year, I’m shifting my mindset a little… I get very competaitive when someone says I can’t do something, so when I said I wanted to go to either New York or Lapland in 2017 and a friend laughed and said ‘You’ll never afford that!’ I immediately went into SCREW YOU mode! I bloody well WILL save up enough just to prove you wrong!

So… The point of this post? I’m doing the penny challenge! 

WTF is that???

So there it is… 

How much I WILL have saved by the end of the year. Because this isn’t a resolution… It’s a decision!

Let me know if you’ll be joining me on my journey! I’ll have loads more stories and ideas for you!!

Happy New Year!